Hockey Saskatchewan MEMO: Officials Wearing BNQ Throat Protectors



By Hockey Saskatchewan

REGINA, Sask. –  Hockey Saskatchewan has issued a memorandum regarding the mandatory neck guard policy for officials in specified leagues and minor hockey.

  • TO: Hockey Saskatchewan Membership
  • FROM: Kelly McClintock, General Manager
  • RE: Officials Wearing BNQ Throat Protectors

As of Jan. 3, 2024, it is expected that all on-ice officials working with Saskatchewan’s hockey leagues who require players to wear BNQ-approved neck guards must also be wearing a BNQ-approved neck guard.

The policy is in effect for all the following leagues:

All Minor Co-ed and Female Hockey games

All Saskatchewan Junior Female Hockey League games

All Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League games

All Para Hockey games

If an official refuses or does not have one, they will not be able to be on the ice, like any other required protective equipment (i.e. a helmet).

If there is an official on the ice without a neck guard, this should be reported to the league official assignor and/or Minor Hockey Association. The official may be subject to discipline and the loss of future games. This policy was communicated in November 2023 to all officials and again to all Minor Hockey Associations during the virtual membership call in December.

Additionally, Hockey Saskatchewan would like to emphasize that it is the responsibility of all players, coaches, parents, and officials to ensure that players are properly wearing a neck guard.

Please be aware of the following rules:

Rule 3.6 (f) - If a player is wearing a helmet, facial protector, mouth guard or throat protector improperly, or wearing an uncertified piece of equipment, the Referee will penalize the offending player under Rule 10.6 – Illegal Equipment.

Note 1: The Referee is empowered to make the call without their attention being drawn by an opposing player or team official.

10.6 (d) - After one warning to the team, a Misconduct penalty will be assessed to any player who wears their helmet, facial protector, neck guard, or mouth guard improperly (Rule 3.6 (f) – Protective Equipment).

This includes cutting, taping, or altering a neck guard making it no longer BNQ approved.

Rule 3.6 (d) – If the helmet, facial protector, or throat protector of a players comes off while play is in progress, the player will replace the piece of equipment (properly fastened) or will proceed to the Players’ Bench for a substitute. If the player participates in play in any manner without that piece of equipment, play must be stopped immediately, and the player penalized under Rule 10.6 (a) – Illegal Equipment. Note that before the minor penalty for Illegal Equipment is issued a warning will be issued to the team and subsequent violations by any member of that team will result in a minor penalty.

Note: In the case of a player whose neck guard has come off, officials should make every effort to alert the player to this fact and direct them off the ice. If the player does not comply, then they must be penalized.

We sincerely appreciate all members abiding by the policy to ensure everyone in these games is wearing the same neck protection.

Thank you.

Kelly McClintock

General Manager

Hockey Saskatchewan


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