Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics

Hockey Canada has made upgrades to all courses, with the online learning being hosted in the Hockey Canada Learning Lab. The chart below explains the training steps for each certification.

► Please Note: These clinics do not have an ice session: Coach 1 Intro, Coach 2 Level & Goaltending 1. The full course is delivered online.

► Please Note: The requirement to recertify for Respect In Sport every five (5) years has been temporarily suspended.

Process To Get Certified:

1. Review Team Staff Requirements

Visit the COACH CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS page to determine which levels are required for your position and team to complete your certification.

2. Create/Find Your Spordle Profile

All Hockey information is hosted in Spordle! Find out how to create/find your profile HERE.

3. Complete Training Steps





Respect In Sport
Clinic (Online)
Hockey Canada Safety
HCSP - Level 1 (Online)
Coach 1 Intro
Skating 1 (Closed) Hockey Canada Coach 1 (Closed)
Coach 2
Skills 1 Online (Closed) Hockey Canada Coach 2 Online (Closed)
Checking 1
Hockey Canada Skills - Checking (Online) Attend Checking Session On-Ice (Not Available)
Goaltending 1
Hockey Canada Goaltending 1 Online (Closed)
Development 1
Closed Resources Completion of POST TASKS & ICE EVALUATION
High Performance 1
Registration for High Performance 1 (Closed)
Skating 1
Hockey Canada Skating 1 (Closed) Completion of POST TASK
Skills 1
Hockey Canada Skills 1 (Closed) Completion of POST TASK
Shooting & Scoring 1
Hockey Canada Shooting & Scoring 1 (Closed) Completion of POST TASK
Developing Defenceman 1
Hockey Canada Defenceman 1 (Online) Completion of POST TASK
Power Skating Coach 1 Information & Application (Open)
Goaltending 2 Registration Closed
Skills Coach 2
Registration Closed
Certified Skills Coach
Application Closed
Certified Goaltender Coach
Application Closed

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