Hockey Saskatchewan MEMO: Officiating Development Program Assignors Selected



By Hockey Saskatchewan

REGINA, Sask. – A memorandum has been issued regarding the new Hockey Saskatchewan Officiating Development Program assignors being selected.

  • TO: Saskatchewan Officiating Development Model Partners & Senior Hockey Leagues
  • FROM: Trent Cey, Officiating Development Manager
  • RE: Official Assignors Selected

Hockey Saskatchewan has selected the new Officiating Development Program (ODP) assignors for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

After presenting the information to all leagues and opening the application process, selections have been made.

We would like to introduce the group of nine assignors:

  1. North High-Performance – Kim Sobkowicz, Outlook
  2. South High-Performance – Chad Marshall, Regina
  3. Female High-Performance – Melodie Boulet, Prince Albert
  4. West Region – Jarred Wilkinson, North Battleford
  5. Southwest Region – Chad Foreman, Caronport
  6. East Region – Derek Coderre, Grenfell
  7. Regina Region – Ken Gaudet, Regina
  8. North Central Region – Ray Baumann, Wakaw
  9. Saskatoon Region – Jordan Boyd, Saskatoon

We would like to welcome these assignors to their new ODP positions and thank all 23 applicants for their interest. Also, a big thanks goes out to those who worked with the leagues as previous assignors.

The next part of this process will be to ensure that all leagues have Referee-in-Chiefs/Director of Officials in place moving forward as we get closer to the start of next season and scheduling.

At this point, these are the Referee-in-Chiefs/Directors of Officials in place:

  • Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League Director of Officials – Brad Howard
  • Prairie Junior Hockey League Director of Officials – Cam Kuffner
  • Saskatchewan Male U18 AAA Hockey League Director of Officials – Vacant
  • Sask. Female U18 AAA Hockey League & Female Junior Hockey League Director of Officials – Vacant
  • Sask AA Hockey League (U15AA, 15AA, U18AA) Director of Officials – Bryce Sebastian
  • Big Six Hockey League RIC – Kyle Hoium
  • Notekeu Hockey League RIC– Chad Foreman
  • White Mud Hockey League RIC – Logan Tisdale
  • Sask East Hockey League RIC – Garry Gawryliuk
  • Qu’Appelle Valley Highway Hockey League RIC – Ken Gaudet
  • Long Lake Hockey League RIC – Dean Elmy
  • Saskatchewan Valley Hockey League RIC – Kim Sobkowicz
  • Wheatland Senior Hockey League RIC – Ray Baumann
  • Sask-Alta Hockey League RIC – Cam Foulds
  • Sask West Hockey League – Jeff Sopczak
  • Sask Prairie Hockey League RIC – David George
  • Twin Rivers Hockey League RIC – Raymond Carriere

If something has changed and you would like assistance with recruiting someone for these positions, please notify Trent Cey with Hockey Saskatchewan by July 17 as we plan to put out a call for interest at the end of July to fill the vacant positions.

Please see attached documentation outlining the guidelines and expectations for the assignors, Referee-in-Chiefs, and Directors of Officials. We appreciate all the input by all in this process and look forward to the 2023-24 season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Trent Cey at

Thank you,

Trent Cey

Manager, Officiating Development

Hockey Saskatchewan

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