Enhanced Focus on Maltreatment for 2022-23



By Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors

REGINA, Sask. Hockey Saskatchewan is recruiting four (4) volunteers to oversee investigations and decision-making pertaining to Maltreatment infractions and allegations based on discriminatory grounds.

The appointment of four (4) Maltreatment Investigators is part of the ongoing work to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all hockey participants by establishing a consistent process for investigation and decision-making pertaining to allegations of Maltreatment and Discrimination.

To facilitate these new positions, Hockey Saskatchewan has amended its ‘Maltreatment, Bullying and Harassment’ Policy.

Full details on the policy, Section 11 – Maltreatment in the Hockey Canada rulebook, and the online reporting form for incidents of Maltreatment and Discrimination can be found on the Hockey Saskatchewan website:

The Chair of Discipline will work with Hockey Saskatchewan staff to set out the requirements and guidelines for the investigation and adjudication process, as well as ensure investigations are completed in accordance with Hockey Saskatchewan Policy. The Chair of Discipline will receive reports from the Maltreatment Investigators and issue all decisions. The Chair of Discipline has been selected for the 2022-23 season.

The Maltreatment Investigators will conduct all investigations and/or hearings related to infractions and allegations based on discriminatory grounds. The Investigators will compile written reports of their findings and recommendations as well as submit them to the Chair of Discipline.

Hockey Saskatchewan is seeking qualified applicants to fill the Maltreatment Investigator positions. Included with this bulletin is the Maltreatment Investigator job description. Qualified applicants should have strong communication, questioning, interview and analytical skills, and knowledge of Hockey Canada/ Hockey Saskatchewan Bylaws and Regulations, Human Rights Legislation, Natural Justice and sanctioning to influence positive behaviour.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors’ Chair of Discipline, Edward Watson (elwatson99@msn.com).



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