CARDED HOCKEY TEAMS Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for a Carded Team?

The Carded Team Application goes live on the Hockey Sask website on November 1st and stays open until 5:00 pm on November 15th.

Once the application is processed, the Team Contact will receive a Carded Team Roster to complete and return to Hockey Sask by 5:00 pm on December 1st.

Who can apply for a Carded Team?

U9 and U11 teams outside of Geographic Subdivisions 2-6 who are registered with Hockey

Only the Presidents of Minor Hockey Associations have the access to apply through the MHA PORTAL on the Hockey Sask website.

Who is eligible to be registered on a Carded Team?

Only age-appropriate players.

Only players that are not registered on Tier 1 U9 or U11 teams.

Only players that are not registered on a U13 Provincial team.

Only players who reside within an 80 km radius of the sponsoring center of the Carded Team.

Only players that receive written permission from the association they are registered in for their regular season team.

Carded teams are not allowed APs.

How many players can be registered on a Carded Team?

A maximum of 19 players, of which 2 must be goaltenders. No player can be registered on more than 1 Carded Team.

When can Carded Teams begin to skate together?

All Carded Team rosters will be approved by December 1st so they are allowed to begin practicing once per week beginning on December 1st provided it does not conflict with their regular season team’s schedule. (see the NOTE in Hockey Sask regulation 6.04.17 c))

When can Carded Teams play games?

Only on the designated Carded Weekends
2nd weekend in December
2nd weekend in January
3rd weekend in February
4th weekend in March

Can Minor Hockey Leagues in Saskatchewan schedule U9 and U11 League games during Carded Weekends?

No. There are no League games allowed during Carded Weekends.

However, Regular Season Teams are allowed to practice, play Exhibition Games, or play in Tournaments during Carded Weekends.

Can Regular Season Teams enter into Carded Tournaments, and can Carded Teams enter into Non-Carded Tournaments during the designated Carded Weekends?

Yes. As long as the Teams and Tournaments are sanctioned by Hockey Saskatchewan.

Can Regular Season Teams play Exhibition games against Carded Teams during the designated Carded Weekends?

Yes. As long as the Teams and the Exhibition Games are sanctioned by Hockey Saskatchewan.

What if a player’s Regular Season Team has scheduled an Exhibition Game during a designated Carded Weekend and the same player has a Carded Team Tournament that same weekend?

Since the player would have received permission from their local minor hockey association to register on a Carded Team, the player is allowed to play with the Carded Team because it is a designated Carded Weekend.