E-Hockey is now Spordle!

Hockey Canada has replaced the eHockey database with Spordle. All your Hockey information is now hosted within Spordle. If you have been registered in hockey before as a player, coach, manager, trainer, and/or official, here is how to find your HOCKEY ID#:

  • Step 1: Setup your Spordle login account
  • Step 2: Link a Member. This is where you search for your Hockey profile
  • Step 3: View qualifications

STEP 1: Setup Spordle LOGIN

  1. Type or Copy and Paste the SPORDLE link below into your browser to begin
  2. Visit: http://account.spordle.com/login
  3. To Create your Spordle account Select – Sign up & follow the steps below:
    • Enter email (click next)
    • Enter the information requested
    • Create password
  4. You will then receive a verification code via email
  5. Enter the verification code that has been emailed to gain access

STEP 2: Find your Hockey Profile

  1. Sign into your Spordle account
  2. Click on the 'Members' tab on the left side of the screen
  3. From the middle of the page, click on the “blue person with a + sign”, this will open the search menu
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth (YEAR-MONTH-DATE)
    • Click SEARCH
  5. Existing profiles will be shown
    • RELATION: from the menu select your relationship to this profile
    • Select LINK

STEP 3: View your Qualifications in your Hockey profile

  1. Log into your Spordle
  2. Select members
  3. In the TOP MIDDLE of the page, you will see two circles with your initials, the FIRST circle has a small crown, this is your Spordle login profile; the SECOND circle is your hockey profile, click on the SECOND CIRCLE
  4. Select VIEW from your listed MHA
  5. On the header of your MHA profile, click on QUALIFICATIONS
  6. Scroll down and view