Affiliations Casebook

Your Guide to Hockey Affiliations in Saskatchewan

The purpose of this Casebook is to provide detailed examples and explanations for the application of Affiliations. In no way is it the intention of Hockey Saskatchewan to replace our Handbook, but rather to provide additional documentation and education to our membership. To access the Affiliation Casebook please click HERE.

What Is The Purpose Of This Casebook?

We highly recommend that coaches and managers keep a copy of this document and become familiar with it, so as to better work within the rules and regulations of hockey in the province. It will be located on the Hockey Saskatchewan website as well as our APP (download here).

Casebook Sections:

  1. Minor/Female Affiliations

    • Covers sections 6.05.01 to 6.05.02
  2. Senior Affiliations

    • Covers sections 4.05.01 to 4.05.04
  3. Junior Affiliations

    • Covers sections 5.05.01 to 5.05.08
  4. Female Junior Affiliations

    • Covers section 5.08.08

Download Casebook:

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