Modified Best of 3 Regulations

Modified Best of 3 Regulations

Provincial Playoffs

Minor/Female teams, except for teams in both Under-18 'AAA' Leagues, Saskatchewan 'AA' League and the Saskatchewan Female League, will play a modified Best of Three (3) series.

  • Both dates must be set before the start of the series and if an agreement cannot be reached between the two teams involved, then the Draw Coordinator, in consultation with Hockey Saskatchewan, shall designate dates, times and location of series games.
  • The games will be played using Regular Game timing procedures – Three (3) twenty (20) minute Stop time periods.
  • If the first game is tied, it will remain tied.
  • If one team wins game 1 and ties game 2, the team with the win will be the series winner.
  • If the teams split the two games, or if the first two games both end in a tie, then a Mini-Game will be played to decide the series winner regardless of what the score was in the first two games.

Mini-Game Rules:

  • When it is necessary to decide a series by virtue of the Mini-Game, the teams will take a two (2) minute break at their respective benches.
  • The teams will play a ten (10) minute period, stop time.
  • This will not be sudden victory, the full ten (10) minute period will be played.
  • If the teams remain tied at the end of the Mini-Game, there will be an ice cleaning and the teams will continue to play twenty (20) minute stop time sudden victory periods.
  • A separate game sheet will be completed for the Mini-Game.
  • A time penalty from the end of Game two (2) will not be carried over to the Mini-Game as the Mini-Game and possibly subsequent overtime is viewed as a separate Game.
  • Any player or coach who committed a suspendable infraction in Game two (2) of the series would sit the Mini-Game and subsequent possible Overtime. The Mini-Game, although separate, is not considered a full game so missing the Mini-Game would not count towards that player or coach’s suspension.
  • If a player and/or Coach was suspended before the series or after the first games of the series, and his/her suspension was up or served in its entirety after the second game of the series, that player and/or coach would be eligible to participate in the Mini-Game as it is deemed a separate game.