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4 - Association Set-Up

3.04.01    A hockey association may have players registered with it in one or more recognized Hockey Canada divisions or categories and may operate one or more teams.  All teams in an association must have common signing officers for the purpose of registration and releases, and provide this information to the General Manager of Hockey Saskatchewan.

3.04.02    Any changes in the officers of an association set up must be forwarded to the Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager as they occur.

3.04.03    An association may operate a team in one or more divisions or categories conducted by Hockey Saskatchewan, but shall consist of not fewer than 6 registered players, one of whom must be a goalie (in U13 and older divisions).  An association may consist of, and have teams in no more than U18, U15, U13, U11, U9 and U7.

3.04.04    All such teams must be located in the same geographic sub–division as established by the branch.