Handbook Item

Accidental Dental Expense Benefits

This Dental coverage operates under the same guidelines as the Major Medical coverage.

When accidental injury to whole or sound teeth shall, within 30 days, require treatment, the plan will pay for reasonable expenses actually incurred within 52 weeks after the date of the accident.

Maximum $1,250 per tooth
Up to a $3,000 maximum
Effective September 1, 2018

If, due to the age of the covered members, dental development is not sufficient to permit treatment within 52 weeks, a report from the dentist or dental surgeon is required within 90 days of the date of accident, stating pertinent facts as to the damage. On receipt of a satisfactory report, the incurred expenses will be paid, subject to a maximum future treatment limit of $3,000. Capped or crowned teeth shall be deemed as whole or sound.