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Video Review

This policy procedure was amended on May 3, 2023

a) Use of Video: (Criteria & Guidelines)

i. Video submissions are only allowed to assist in investigations that Hockey Saskatchewan is responsible for and has direct jurisdiction.

ii. Videos must be first reviewed and if appropriate then submitted through a Hockey Saskatchewan Member (MHA, Senior Team, Minor Hockey League, Junior/Senior League)

iii. Video submissions are not accepted by Hockey Saskatchewan for game play situations (goal disputes/off-sides/icing etc.)

iv. Video submissions are not intended to appeal a referee's discretion (game play related – including minor/major/match discretion)

v. Video submissions may be considered to assist the investigations of any suspension related infractions covered by the rules and regulations of Hockey Saskatchewan and Hockey Canada.

vi. Video submissions may be considered to assist investigations when player safety or injury is involved or potentially involved.

vii. Hockey Saskatchewan will not undertake in the creation of any video or audio (only deal with what is provided)

viii. Hockey Saskatchewan - Discipline Chair (or designate) of the investigations has sole discretion as to a video submission being legitimate (not altered) and appropriate to the investigation on an ad hoc basis. (not all video will considered when submitted).

ix. A video/audio segment is considered to have the same value as a written or verbal statement and the relevancy to any investigation.

x. Hockey Saskatchewan Discipline Officer may share any submission with the appropriate entities involved with the investigation:

  • Hockey Saskatchewan Officials Development Committee
  • Players/Coaches/Teams
  • League President/Minor Associations
  • Parents
  • Police
  • Hockey Saskatchewan Appeals Committee
  • Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors

b) Frequently Asked Questions

i. Can anyone submit a video for review?

  • Any member of Hockey Saskatchewan may submit a video for review for assessment or for consultation purposes.  If the matter being dealt with warrants; Hockey Saskatchewan will contact the league or Minor Hockey Association president and/or the team directly.

ii. Who from Hockey Saskatchewan reviews the video?

  • Primarily the Hockey Saskatchewan Discipline Officer will review the video and may consult with additional hockey resources within the Branch for consultation.  Videos may be shared with other individuals if appropriate (Example:  Hockey Saskatchewan Official’s Development Committee, Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager, etc.)

iii. Can a video prove a goal call (allowed or disallowed) affected the outcome of a game in effect be considered a valid protest of a game result?

  • No – Game play situations or referee’s discretion is not being reviewed with the intent of changing or supporting the outcome of a given play or a game.  An individual league or Minor Hockey Association may have different terms within their policy that could consider this.

iv. Does the video have to prove 100% certain to change a call originally assessed?

  • No – Unlike the NHL & other leagues – the purpose of the Hockey Saskatchewan video review is to assist in the investigation and does not necessarily determine the outcome of a decision based solely on the review of a video.  Video submissions are typically just one piece of the puzzle that comprise an investigation.

v. If the video determines the referee made a mistake, will the referee see the video?

  • Yes – the video will likely be first shared with the Hockey Saskatchewan Official’s Development Committee to support a possible educational opportunity or for potential discipline towards an official.  (Administered by the Hockey Saskatchewan Official’s Development Committee)

vi. Not every rink/team has the ability to video record all games – is that fair?

  • Yes – Video reviews are not intended to gain/lose a competitive advantage.  In the perspective of Hockey Saskatchewan, all video reviews are related to players’ safety.

vii. Can video review be used to change a game sheet after the game?  (A penalty or sanction assessed post-game when no call was made at the time of the game.)

  • Yes – Not ideal but this situation can happen when player safety and/or injury is involved.  All edits to the original game sheet must be reviewed and approved by the Hockey Saskatchewan Discipline Officer.

  Video Review Policy