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General Manager Authority

The General Manager shall report to the Hockey Saskatchewan Board Chair and an annual performance review shall be conducted by the Hockey Saskatchewan Board Chair, or their designate. The General Manager collaborates with the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors and develops a Strategic Plan approved by the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors.  The General Manager, in consultation with the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors, shall have sufficient authority to conduct the daily management of Hockey Saskatchewan, according to its approved annual operational plan, strategic plan, budget, and approved policies.

  • Serve as the Hockey Saskatchewan’s liaison with Sask. Sport Inc.; Government of Saskatchewan; Hockey Canada; National and Provincial Association; media and other agencies.
  • In collaboration with Board members and Hockey Saskatchewan staff, is responsible for planning technical policy directions, objectives, and programs for Hockey Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • Act as a consultant in the formation of organizational decisions at the Board and Committee levels.
  • Responsible for implementing approved policies and programs.
  • Ensuring that the affairs of Hockey Saskatchewan are conducted professionally
  • Ensure the funds of Hockey Saskatchewan are properly collected and accounted for.
  • Strictly follow the Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations, and Policies and advise the membership of the same requirements.

  General Manager Authority Policy