Hockey Saskatchewan
Hockey Saskatchewan

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6 - Rules

3.06.01    With the exception of those regulations specifically mentioned, the Hockey Canada Rules and Regulations shall apply.

3.06.02    The maximum number of players dressed for any game is as follows;

  Skaters Goaltenders
Senior Male & Female 18 2
Adult Rec. 17 2
Junior Male 18 2
Junior Female 17 2
U18 AAA Male & Female 18 2
U7 to U18 Male & Female 17 2

Note 1)  Teams shall not be permitted to dress more than th allowable number for warm ups.

Note 2)  Teams cannot exceed the limit for the maximum number of skaters if only one goaltender is dressed.

Note 3)  For the Age Divisions U11 and below, goaltenders may be interchanged with skaters during a game.

For Age Divisions U13 and above, goaltenders may not be interchanged with skaters during a game.
Note 4)  Players registered as goaltenders may play as skaters in all categories of hockey, including Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoffs, with the exception of the following; Minor/Female U18 AAA; Junior A & B; Senior AAA.

3.06.03    All Hockey Saskatchewan sanctioned games in the U15 AA category and higher must use the Four (4) official system. For all other Hockey Saskatchewan sanctioned games, at least Two (2) Referees must be used.  The following are the preferred systems:

  • Most Preferred - Four (4) officials (2 Referee, 2 Linesmen)
  • Second Preferred - Modified Two (2) Referees, One (1) Linesman
  • Third Preferred - Two (2) Referees