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Hockey Saskatchewan

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Residential Qualifications


a)    Pursuant to Hockey Canada Regulation F–7, no residential qualification shall be required for players registered with a Junior A team.

b)    A player who has been registered to play U18 hockey may at the end of his/her U18 eligibility or at the end of any succeeding season in age limit hockey, if he/she so desires, without release, register with a team of a higher category within the Branch, but he/she may only exercise this after completing the current season and prior to registering at the commencement of the next season.

If, however, his/her membership during his/her U18 eligibility be with a club having a team in a higher division or category, then such player must register with that club.

Nothing in this section shall prevent a player from transferring to a team in a higher category, provided that he/she is first properly released in accordance with the regulations.