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(Note:  Also see General Regulations)

6.01.01    Age Eligibility

U18 – Under 18 years of age
U15 – Under 15 years of age
U13 – Under 13 years of age
U11 – Under 11 years of age
U9 – Under 9 years of age
U7 – Under 7 years of age
All ages are as of December 31st of the current season.

There shall be no provincial playoffs for U11, U9 and U7 age classifications.

6.02.01    Membership Fees and Insurance Premiums

a)    The annual fee for membership in the Association and the participant fee shall be:

Each Team:    
U18 AAA                               $300.00
U18, U16 and U15                $100.00
U13                                       $75.00
U11, U9 and U7                    $50.00
Each League/Association     $25.00


Each Player, Team Official/Bench Personnel, etc.    $54.00
NOTE:    Includes Liability, A.D. & D. and Medical and Dental coverage.

All players, coaches, managers and trainers listed on team rosters which have been verified by the General Manager must pay the compulsory participant fee in order to be covered by Hockey Canada Insurance.  League and Minor association executives are covered by Hockey Canada Insurance when the league or association is registered with Hockey Saskatchewan.

Participant Fees are non–transferable from one player to another. (i.e. if a player is deleted from a roster, their participant fee is non–transferable to a player being added).  Once paid, a player’s participant fee remains with them the entire season.  The player being added must have their participant fee paid.

b)    All Minor Associations are responsible for registering all team rosters online, for submitting all team fees, association fees and participant fees to Hockey Saskatchewan.  All fees must be submitted to the General Manager prior to the commencement of league or sanctioned tournament play.  Insurance coverage shall commence when fees have been paid.