Handbook Item

2 - Registrations


a)    All matters pertaining to the registration of teams, leagues, associations and players will be the responsibility of the General Manager of Hockey Saskatchewan.

b)              i)  Those teams/associations wishing to play in Leagues registered outside of Hockey Saskatchewan must apply to the Registration Committee prior to June 1st annually for approval to do so. Teams/Associations must provide evidence to support the application and prove there is not a viable option(s) to play within a Hockey Saskatchewan registered league.

      ii)  Those leagues wishing to allow teams registered outside of     Hockey Saskatchewan to participate in their league play must apply to the Registration Committee prior to September 1st annually for approval to do so.

c)    Any request for a concession to a regulation must be in writing and submitted to Hockey Saskatchewan no later than January 11th.All applications must be made by the individual player who desires the concession to Hockey Saskatchewan regulation.  The Registration Committee reserves the right to entertain blanket concession applications from Associations.  The form shall clearly indicate that if a concession is granted it will be for the current season only.  Each application must be accompanied by a non–refundable fee of $50.00.  A concession request shall be heard within fourteen (14) days of the date the concession and non–refundable fee is received.  The General Manager will notify the party(ies) applying for the concession of the date the concession will be heard.

The General Manager shall supply, in writing, the decision of the Registration Committee within seven (7) days of the date the decision is arrived at to the people making the request for a concession. The decision shall be final and binding.


a)    A team shall consist of players that are registered on Hockey Canada/Hockey Saskatchewan team rosters and certified by the Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager.  Teams registered with Hockey Saskatchewan, and who wish to participate in a league, may only participate in a league which is registered with Hockey Saskatchewan and comprised of certified or carded teams. Only registered officials may officiate in registered leagues.

b)    All Minor Hockey Associations are responsible for submitting all registration material, along with the accompanying fees, to Hockey Saskatchewan including; Association Registration, Team/Participant Registration, Affiliation Forms, Provincial Applications and Rosters, Carded Team Applications and Rosters, Tournament Applications and Association Constitutions.

c)    All Senior Teams are responsible for filing all Team Rosters, Team Fees and Participant Fees to Hockey Saskatchewan.

d)                 i)  All Minor and Senior Leagues are responsible for filing all League Membership fees and a League Constitution to Hockey Saskatchewan.

ii) The Hockey Saskatchewan Online Suspension Site must be used by all Leagues registered with Hockey Saskatchewan to post their Suspensions accurately and in a timely fashion.

e)    All Junior Teams are responsible for filing all registration material with Hockey Saskatchewan.

f)    Only Players that are age-eligible and meet all other registration requirements to be registered with a Team as a Player for the upcoming season are eligible to be invited to and attend a Fall Camp in the following age groups:        

  • Junior A
  • Junior B
  • U18 AAA Male and Female

NOTE:  "Fall Camp" is defined as any camp/tryout held after July 1st annually.  This does not apply to "Spring Camps" which are defined as any camp/tryout held prior to July 1st annually.