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a) Definitions:

The following definitions are cited to ensure consistent interpretation:

i.) Formal Tender—A process requiring the tender to be advertised in provincial media and tender opening to be made publicly.

ii.) Request for Proposal—A formal process for obtaining offers from competing organizations and evaluating those proposals against stated requirements, using a predefined evaluation process and a predefined set of evaluation criteria in which price is not the only factor.

iii.) Written Quotation—A process requiring selected vendors to submit written quotations, not required to be opened publicly.

b) Connections

These procedures are to work together with Marketing and Sponsorship agreements.

This policy would not apply if other sponsorship agreements are in place.

c) Processing Purchases 

i.) A minimum of three (3) written quotations or RFP responses will be requested when:

  • The value of the item is expected to exceed $10,000; or
  • The General Manager or The Chair of the Board deems it to be in the best interests of the Association.

ii.) Request for Proposal (RFP) FP and Written Quotation requests will be posted on the Hockey Saskatchewan website and social media channels.

iii.) Through a pre-determined set of evaluation criteria, the General Manager, Hockey Saskatchewan Board Chair & appropriate staff will make a final selection of the winning bid. Terms may include but are not limited to price, quality, reliability/ experience, and social responsibility, with a preference towards Saskatchewan-based suppliers.

iv.) Hockey Sask is not required to disclose bid participants, bid content, evaluation criteria, or successful applicant. All unsuccessful applicants however will be notified.

v.) Goods and services up to an aggregate cost of $5,000 may be purchased directly by budget managers. Goods obtained through the formal tender process are excluded from this authority.

For purchases that have only a single-source provider, a written quotation is still required based on the threshold limit identified above.  However, if the purchase is over $10,000, the requirement to obtain three quotes is waived. A quote is still required from the single-source provider, and a note on the invoice must be made indicating that the vendor is the sole source provider of the item being purchased.

d) Responsibilities and Authorities

i.) Any purchase exceeding $10 000 will require the approval of the Board.

ii.) The Board provides approval for the award of tenders for all capital construction.

iii.) The Board provides approval for tangible capital expenditures for motor vehicles, furniture and fixtures, equipment and computer hardware and software, as well as minor renovations and preventative maintenance through the budget approval process.

iv.) The General Manager is responsible for adhering to the Hockey Sask Purchasing Policy. The General Manager may delegate other employees for payment of items, according to pre-approved expenditures.

  Purchasing Policy