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10 - Provincial Playoffs

3.10.01     The Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors reserves to itself the right of placing teams as it may deem in the best interest of hockey.


a)    The teams shall be grouped for playoffs in accordance with the regulations and divisions as outlined in Definitions 3.01.03 and 3.01.05.

b)    When a team registers for Provincial playoffs and the population figures from the most recent Municipal Directory verify that the population guidelines have been violated, the team shall be suspended from further play in the draw or the illegal players involved will be removed from further participation in Provincial Playoffs.

3.10.03    Minor/Female

a)    Minor/Female teams, except for teams in both U18 AAA Leagues, Saskatchewan AA League and the Saskatchewan Female League, will play a Modified Best of Three (3) series.

b)    Both dates must be set before the start of the series and if an agreement cannot be reached between the two teams involved, then the Draw Coordinator, in consultation with Hockey Saskatchewan, shall designate dates, times and location of series games.

c)    The games will be played using Regular Game timing procedures - Three (3) twenty (20) minute stop time periods.

    i)  If the first game is tied, it will remain tied.

    ii)  If one team wins game 1 and ties game 2, the team with the win         will be the series winner.

    ii)  If the teams split the two games, or if the first two games both         end in a tie, then a Mini-Game will be played to decide the series         winner regardless of what the score was in the first two games.
d)    Mini-Game Rules:

    i)  When it is necessary to decide a series by virtue of the Mini-        Game, the teams will take a two (2) minute break at their respective         benches.

    ii)  The teams will play a ten (10) minute period, stop time.

    iii)  This will not be sudden victory; the full ten (10) minute period         will be played.

    iv)  If the teams remain tied at the end of the Mini-Game, there will         be an ice cleaning and the teams will continue to play twenty (20)         minute stop time sudden victory periods.

    v)  A separate game sheet will be completed for the Mini-Game.

e)    Penalty/Suspension Procedures for Mini-Game:

    i)  A time penalty from the end of Game two (2) will not be carried         over to the Mini-Game as the Mini-Game and possibly subsequent         overtime is viewed as a separate game.

    ii)  Suspensions:

        1)  Any player or coach who committed an infraction in Game             two (2) of the series would sit the Mini-Game and subsequent             possible Overtime.  The Mini-Game, although separate, is not             considered a full game so missing the Mini-Game would not             count towards that player or coach’s suspension.

        2)  If a player and/or coach was suspended before the series             or after the first game of the series, and his/her suspension             was up or served in its entirety after the second game of             the series, that player and/or coach would be eligible to                 participate in the Mini-Game as it is deemed a separate game.

3.10.04    Minor/Female/Junior Leagues

a)    The Saskatchewan AA League, Saskatchewan Female League, Male and Female U18 AAA Leagues and Junior A, B and C Divisions shall develop their own Provincial Playoff format to comply with the deadline dates under the jurisdiction of Hockey Saskatchewan.
b)    Hockey Saskatchewan reserves the right to change the playoff format in any category or division of hockey.  In Male U15 AA, U18 AAA and Junior the deadline date for any such proposed changes shall be December 15th.

3.10.05    Senior

a)    All Senior A, B, C and D Provincial Playoff series shall be a best of three (3) series.

b)    All Senior AAA Provincial Playoff series shall be a best of three (3) series with the Provincial Final being a best of five (5) series.

3.10.06    Teams entering Provincial Playoffs must complete each series as drawn by the dates as designated when playoffs are drawn.  Any changes must first be approved by the Draw Coordinator.

3.10.07    No vital decision shall be made concerning any playoffs without the Draw Coordinator first consulting the General Manager, who may consult with the Hockey Saskatchewan Chairperson of the Board or the Officers of the Association.

3.10.08    All teams, other than from the Saskatchewan AA League, the Saskatchewan Female League, U18 AAA and Junior Leagues, participating in Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoffs must be ready to proceed with the playoffs by January 20th (no games played prior).

3.10.09    Hockey Saskatchewan Playoffs shall have preference over League or Tournament play.

3.10.10    Pre & Post Game Process

a)    In every Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff game a standard game sheet must be completed in triplicate.

b)    At the conclusion of the game, the official scorer shall sign the game sheet and then have the officials sign and print their names.

c)    i)  The Referee shall then forward a photo/copy of the game sheet along with any reports electronically to Hockey Saskatchewan by 10:00 am the morning following the game.

    ii)  Penalties to be advised electronically are:  All Major, Match, Gross and Game Misconducts
    iii)  The original game sheet is to be forwarded by mail to the Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager by the home team.

d)    At the conclusion of each Provincial Playoff game, the winning team shall be responsible to notify the Draw Coordinator.

3.10.11    Replacement Goaltenders

a)    No replacement for any ill or injured player shall be allowed, except for the goaltenders.  A replacement goaltender may be permitted by the General Manager or his designate, providing that a satisfactory certificate from a medical doctor or chiropractor is received indicating that the ill or injured goaltender is unfit to play.  The following criteria, in order, shall be used in determining where a replacement goaltender is obtained from;

    i)  an affiliate goaltender

    ii)  a goaltender from a lower division or category within the             sponsoring center of the team.

    iii)  a goaltender from a lower division or category from any of the         centers/non–centers that form the team providing permission has         been granted in writing by team management.

    iv)  a goaltender from a team of the same or lower category             providing permission has been granted in writing by team management.

    v)  Senior D category may come from either C or D category.

b)    Permission for the replacement by the General Manager or his/her designate shall be in writing and must be attached to the player’s card for inspection.  Where time does not permit, Hockey Saskatchewan shall inform the opposing team by phone before the next scheduled game.  The player must join the team within ten (10) days of the date of the last game in which the injured or ill goaltender played or prior to the next scheduled game of the team. If the team is not scheduled to play within the ten (10) day period indicated above, the replacement goaltender cannot be replaced by another replacement goaltender unless he\she is injured or medically unfit.

3.10.12    Officiating

a)    When the Officiating Development Program Committee of Hockey Saskatchewan appoints the referees and linesmen, the minimum fees will be as follows:

i)     Senior            Referee - $90.00      Linesman - $60.00
ii)    Senior AAA    Referee - $120.00    Linesman - $75.00
iii)   U18                 Referee - $75.00      Linesman - $50.00
iv)   U15                 Referee - $65.00      Linesman - $45.00
v)   U13                  Referee - $55.00      Linesman - $35.00

b)    The car allowance mileage rate shall be $0.42 per km.
NOTE:  Minor hockey teams request that the appointed officials be from within an 80 km radius, where possible.

c)    Officials who travel and are not receiving mileage will receive a travel allowance.  Should an official travel 75-150 km one way, an additional $15 shall be paid.  For every addtional 100 kms one way, an additional $10 will be added to the travel allowance.  Distances to be determined by the provincial map.

d)    i)  Teams who request a visiting (neutral) referee and/or linesmen for their Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff series are responsible for payment of their fee and mileage for both games in a home and home series or all games in a three or five game series.  Such request must be made to the Draw Coordinator, a minimum of ninety-six (96) hours prior to the start of the series.

    ii)  A Neutral Official is an official who does not make his/her home in the same community as the home team.  The request does not permit the team to designate the officials to be assigned.

e)    Only registered referees and linesmen may be used in Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff games.  It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that there is an adequate number of registered officials in that center.  Only officials who attend a current season Hockey Saskatchewan approved referee's clinic will be allowed to register.

f)    The four-official system must be assigned in all Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff games.

g)    i)  The Officiating Development Program Committee shall appoint 2 referees and 2 linesmen for all Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff games.

    ii)  The home team will be responsible for payment of the official's fees.  If travel between centers is involved, the home team will be responsible for payment of the mileage plus any ride along fee if applicable.

h)    Goal judges are not required for Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff games.


a)    All trophies presented in Provincial Playoffs must be returned to the General Manager by December 15th of the current season.  Any team or association failing to return the trophy by the above deadline will be fined the sum of $100.00 and may be disallowed from entering Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoffs or tournaments until payment is made and trophy returned.

b)    Hockey Saskatchewan will award plaques to Provincial championship winners and runners up (maximum 24 per team).

NOTE:  Maximum of 28 to be presented to Senior and Junior.