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11 - Protests


a)    The Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager shall be notified of a pending protest as outlined in 3.11.02.

b)    The Hockey Saskatchewan Chairperson of the Board, in consultation with the General Manager, shall decide if a protest shall be entertained and then make a ruling based upon material submitted.


Protest of the use of Illegal Players in a Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff Game. Written protest, and any third party reports including all evidence in support thereof, must be signed by Minor Hockey Association President and the Manager/Coach; and for Senior Hockey, any two (2) team officials. No protest will be entertained unless this is adhered to. The written protest, along with supporting documentation, must be received within 24 hours of the advertised time of the game that the illegal player participated in. A protest fee of $300.00 must accompany the written protest. If a protest is not entertained, the $300.00 protest fee will be returned.

NOTE: Illegal player is defined by a suspended player; illegally affiliated player; unregistered player; or player playing under an assumed name.

3.11.03     The General Manager, or his/her duly appointed representative, shall assure delivery of a copy of the protest to the team being protested against as soon as possible after receipt of the protest and a decision has been made to entertain the protest.

3.11.04     The team being protested against shall have 24 hours from receipt of the protest material to file a defense to the Hockey Saskatchewan office along with a settlement fee of $300.00.  The money shall be forfeited to Hockey Saskatchewan if the protest is allowed.

3.11.05    If a protest is upheld, the team not upholding the regulations shall lose their $300.00 defence fee or will be charged $300.00.

3.11.06     The Chairperson shall render a decision in writing as soon as possible and not later than seven (7) days after receipt of the defence.