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Protective Equipment

Hockey Saskatchewan mandates that all Minor Hockey Coaches and registered team officials wear a CSA approved helmet when they are on the ice surface with the chin strap of the helmet securely fastened under the chin in accordance to Hockey Canada Official Playing Rules with respect to Protective Equipment.

Injured Minor Players who are unable to participate in the game are allowed to be on the player’s bench with the minimum equipment being a team jersey, CSA helmet, facemask and BNQ neck guard. When on the bench, those injured minor players shall be listed on the game sheet and shall count towards the maximum of players allowed on the bench according to Hockey Canada Playing Rules.

Hockey Saskatchewan RECOMMENDS that all players in Divisions U9 to U18 (excluding goaltenders) wear a properly fitted mouth guard.

Hockey Canada does not mandate mouth guards, in their rules of play, and therefore our Hockey Saskatchewan Officials will not enforce any league or association mandates/policies regarding the wearing of mouth guards during game play.

What is a properly fitted mouth guard?

  • Durable, at least 3 mm thickness to keep the jaws separated.
  • Comfortable, snug fit.
  • Wearer can speak and breathe easily

  Protective Equipment Policy