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Player Regulations


a)    Every player competing in games under the jurisdiction of Hockey Saskatchewan shall be a member of a team.

b)    Any player, coach, manager or executive member of a team found guilty of falsifying a Team’s League or Provincial Roster and/or having been party to or having knowledge of such, shall be automatically suspended until dealt with by the Hockey Saskatchewan Officer of Discipline.

c)    Players may only register on one Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoff Team per season and be listed on one team roster unless released by the previous club prior to January 10th of the current season. If a player is released after January 10th of the current season, they are ineligible to sign with any club. If released prior to, or on January 10th, they may register with another club up to February 10th. Players registering illegally and/or officials responsible for such registrations will be suspended indefinitely.

d)    In Senior all players are released from their teams at the end of the playing season.

e)    A player refused his/her release may appeal to the Hockey Saskatchewan Registration Committee by January 10th. Such appeal must be accompanied by a non–refundable fee of $50.00.