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Hockey Canada Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Program (D&O)

Hockey Canada's D&O Liability Insurance Program covers the directors, officers, staff members, employees and volunteers of all local hockey associations, junior teams, senior teams, Members and Major Junior teams and leagues for their exposure to legal action(s) and other claims arising from alleged wrongful acts which they are believed to have committed while acting in their hockey-related capacities. This coverage has a maximum of $30 million.

When coverage applies, the policy will provide for an insured's defence against the reported claim. If an insured is found liable for damages sustained by a claimant or plaintiff, coverage is provided for such damages subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable policy.

In the event that a director or officer should receive an action or demand letter against them, the Member office must be advised immediately so proper steps can be taken to investigate, determine coverage and defend the case.