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Dressing Room Policy Procedure


a) HC/Hockey Saskatchewan stress the importance of coaches and all players to be able to access pre and post-game team sessions and all team related activities.

b) HC/Hockey Saskatchewan recognize the physical limitations of some facilities and encourages our members to work with local facility management to ensure that a changing facility is available to all players.

c) HC/Hockey Saskatchewan allows all access dressing rooms at the U7, U9 and U11 levels, 5-10 years of age provided participants either arrive in full equipment or wear at a minimum, gym shorts and t-shirt, both of which must be in good condition and without holes/tears.

d) At the U13 level and above the following conditions will apply in all team environments:

i. The lesser represented gender(s) will change in separate rooms.

ii. All players should be able to congregate in one dressing room, allowing for opportunities or limitations presented by the facility or government regulations, and be prepared to participate in the game/practice not more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time unless otherwise indicated (to be there earlier) by the coaching staff.

iii. The lesser represented gender(s) shall depart the dressing room not more than 15 minutes after the game/practice unless otherwise indicated (to stay longer) by the coaching staff.

iv. The gender in the majority shall not begin changing, helmets, gloves and skates excepted, prior to the departure of the lesser represented gender.

v. When necessary, due to facility limitations, dressing and showering shall be done in shifts with the gender in the majority dressing and showering first. Once the room with shower facilities has been fully vacated the lesser represented gender may use the shower facilities. 

  Dressing Room Policy