Hockey Saskatchewan
Hockey Saskatchewan

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Vision, Mission, Beliefs


  • Shaping Character for Life... More Than A Game.


  • To Lead, Develop and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences for All.


  • In being a proud member of Hockey Canada and participates with all member branches in programming, leadership and development of participants and the game of hockey.
  • In providing and maintaining a framework and structure for hockey in the province.
  • In serving the membership through efficient and effective Operations.
  • In supporting the continued development of life skills for all members and participants.
  • In growing the game through a flexible structure and programs for all.
  • In creating positive hockey experience for all participants in age appropriate divisions that enjoy a safe, sportsmanlike environment.
  • In working to equip all coaches, officials and participants with the support and tools they require to be successful.
  • In supporting the member Minor Hockey Associations when feasible and reasonable.
  • In the value of hard work, determination and the pursuit of growth in all activities.
  • Promotes teamwork, and the belief that what groups and society can achieve as a whole is greater than what can be achieved by individuals.
  • In ensuring the association’s financial sustainability through responsible and accountable operations.