Handbook Item

Are You Covered?

Hockey Canada and its Members are specifically named as insured, as well as all sub-associations, leagues and teams which form a part of Hockey Canada. That includes any officer, director, employee, coach, volunteer, instructor, referee or participant of a committee while acting within the scope of their duties. It also includes participants of any teams, leagues, Member teams, division teams, national teams or international teams provided all are registered with or affiliated with Hockey Canada, any sponsor of any team or Hockey Canada, but only with respect to their liability as such, and any owner of an insured team.

NOTE:  A volunteer is a non-paid person donating his or her time and who is assigned specific duties and for whom a premium has been paid.

When are you covered?

  1. Hockey Canada/member sanctioned events (league games, tournaments, practices, training camps, sanctioned fundraisers) when playing member teams only.
  2. Transportation directly to and from the facility.
  3. Accommodations while billeted or at a hotel during a Hockey Canada/member sanctioned hockey activity.