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7 - Appeals

3.07.01    Purpose of the Hockey Saskatchewan Appeal Committee

Any registered participant or member of Hockey Saskatchewan shall have the right to appeal to Hockey Saskatchewan any dispute, difference or question arising from a decision by Hockey Saskatchewan or any member where the Bylaw, Regulation, Playing Rule or Policy under which such decision was made grants such a right of appeal. The Appeals process is not intended as a second look or opinion on previously presented evidence.

3.07.02    Structure

If an Appeal Application is deemed to progress to a hearing, the Chairperson of the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors shall appoint an Appeals Committee of three (3) consisting of current Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors or who had previously served on the Hockey Saskatchewan Board of Directors.  One (1) of the three (3) will be named the Chairperson of the Appeals Committee.


a)    What decisions may be appealed to Hockey Saskatchewan?

i)    The decision that is in conflict with the Articles, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and/or Policies of a Member Association/ League, Hockey Saskatchewan or Hockey Canada that may have had a material impact on the decision rendered.

ii)    The party making the decision committed a material procedural error, or failed to provide the aggrieved party with a fair process that may have had a material impact on the decision rendered.

iii)    The party making the decision did not have the authority or jurisdiction to make the decision.

iv)    All Appeal processes, if any, have first been exhausted prior to appealing to Hockey Saskatchewan.

b)    What decisions may not be appealed to Hockey Saskatchewan?

The following decisions may not be appealed unless the decision itself is contrary to Hockey Canada or Hockey Saskatchewan Constitution, Bylaws or Regulations:

i)    Any decision by a Member Association/League as to the outcome of any game or games.

ii)    Any decision of the Hockey Saskatchewan Registration Committee.

iii)    Any decision of a Hockey Saskatchewan protest decision concerning the Hockey Saskatchewan Provincial Playoffs.

iv)    Any decision where a Hockey Saskatchewan Minimum Suspension Guideline was levied.

3.07.04    Appeal Application Procedure

a)    An Appeal Application form must be received by the Hockey Saskatchewan office via personal delivery, fax or email no later than thirty (30) days from the date the decision being appealed was sent to the person appealing.The Application fee of $300 (cash or credit card) must be received with the application form.

b)    The Hockey Saskatchewan Chairperson of the Board will personally review the material submitted by the Appellant and determine if the application satisfies Hockey Saskatchewan regulation 3.07.03 a) and shall render a decision to proceed to a hearing or to decline Appeal application.

If the decision is to proceed to a hearing, the hearing will be completed no later than fourteen (14) days from Hockey Saskatchewan receiving the decision from the Hockey Saskatchewan Chairperson of the Board.

If the Application does not qualify for a hearing, the application fee (less a $50.00 administration fee) will be refunded and a written decision and rationale for the decision will be provided by the Hockey Saskatchewan Chairperson of the Board.

3.07.05    Protocol

a)    The Presiding Appeals Committee shall at all times ensure for all Appeals:

i)    Process followed was fair

ii)    Decision rendered was reasonable and logical

iii)    Resulting Sanction was appropriate

b)    The Appeal hearing will be conducted as follows:

Appeal hearings conducted by the Hockey Saskatchewan Appeals Committee may take on many forms and may include one or more of the following:

  1. The Chairperson of the Appeals Committee may request additional information or clarification from any person or entity involved. This is typically requested & received via written communication but may also include an in-person or virtual meeting.
  2. Involvement of any person(s) other than the Appeals Committee is at the sole discretion of the Committee Chairperson.
  3. Once all information has been presented and considered, the Appeals Committee will render a decision within seven (7) days.
  4. The Appeals Committee Chairperson will notify the General Manager & Board Chair of the Committee's decision. The General Manager or Chair of the Board will notify the Appellant and appropriate parties.

3.07.06    Any individual who files an application for appeal remains suspended and is not eligible to participate in games until such time as the appeal process is completed.

3.07.07    The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding for all parties concerned.  The final decision shall be placed in writing with the copies given to the person(s) making the appeal and to the General Manager of Hockey Saskatchewan.

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