Para Hockey Equipment

The Sledge (Sled)

The frame is made of aluminum or steel attached to a plastic bucket, which can be modified depending on the player’s disability. The frame is set on two standard hockey skate blades. Players often start playing with the blades farther apart and move them closer together as their ability level increases. The height of the main frame must allow for the puck to pass underneath the sledge. Straps secure a player’s feet, ankles, knees and hips to the sledge.

Bucket Measurements

Bucket Width: Put a book on either side of the widest part of the hips. Measure between the books. This gives us the bucket width.



2- 10” (50-60lbs)

6-13” (120-140lbs)

2- 11” (60-100lbs)

7-14” (140-170lbs)

4- 12”(100-120lbs)

4-16” (170-225lbs)

Para Hockey Sticks

Sticks have a blade for puck handling and shooting at one end and metal picks for propulsion at the other. As in able-bodied hockey, there are both one-piece and two-piece sticks. Goaltender sticks have an additional pick on the heel of the blade to provide goaltenders with increased mobility, as well as extra picks on the back of their catching gloves.

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