Cross-Ice FAQ's

Now that Hockey Saskatchewan has developed and approved Cross Ice Hockey for ALL U7 players, the Hockey Saskatcehwan Board of Directors have developed the following FAQ’s to offer further clarification to Minor Hockey Associations

What are the implications if I or our team doesn’t follow the cross ice or modified half ice mandate and simply use full ice for all IP activities?

Should score be kept? If not, can we? Should scoresheets be completed?

Should there be periods? If so, how long? What should the length of the game be?

What should referees do?

Do we need timekeepers? If they blow the horn when should this be done? In what intervals?

What should the size of the nets be?

Should there be dedicated goalkeepers?

What are the options if we don’t have bumpers?

Should the player’s boxes be used and if not why not?

Should games be 6 on 6; 5 on 5; 4 on 4; 3 on 3?

Why can't we play full ice at some time later in the year? If we can what date can we do it?