Sask First Officiating

The Sask First Program was introduced by Hockey Saskatchewan in 1988 and since that time the program has brought great pride and accomplishment within our province for all particiants. The Sask First Program was designed to provide a better understanding of the game as well as to promote the development of quality players, coaches, officials and administrators. The participants are enriched as individuals and can achieve self-satisfaction and employment as part of the hockey community.

The Sask First Program promotes the pursuit of common goals. The historical successes of the program and its graduates are front and centre as incentives for participants and proof of the program’s effectiveness. The Sask First Program’s success has assisted numerous officials in acheiving their goals at the local, provincial, national, international and professional levels.

Further to this, and maybe even more important, the Sask First Program has had a hand in the development of good citizens. The program is just as proud of the graduates who have gone on to become teachers, police officers, parents etc. and have contributed back to the programs with the success they have achieved as officials. We also expect these officials to help in the future to work with young people to write the next chapter in the Sask First history book and be leaders within the Officiating Development Program.

Sask First Officiating Programs

Sask First Male U15 Program

Sask First Male U18 Program

Sask First Female U16 and Female U18 Programs