Handbook Item

Residential Qualifications


a)    There shall be five (5) Male categories as follows:

i)    Category AAA for teams wishing to enter Allan Cup play
ii)    Category A – Over 5,000 population
iii)    Category B – 5,000 population and under
iv)    Category C/D -- 3,500 population and under

NOTE:  All teams who have applied for Provincial Playoffs in the C or D category with a combined population of 3,500 and below shall be divided equally via population totals with the upper half placed in C and the lower half placed in D.

b)    There shall be two (2) Female categories as follows:

i)    Category A
ii)    Category B

NOTE:  For team categorization, the latest population figures for Cities, Towns, Villages, Indian Reserves and Resort Villages, as listed in the most recent Municipal Directory, will be secured by the Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager from the Government of Saskatchewan.


a)    There are no residential qualifications for players registered in Male Senior AAA, A and Female Senior A.

b)    Teams in Categories B, C & D in Male and B in Female shall be allowed three (3) imports and two (2) non–imports.

NOTE: Players that transfer from another province in order to register will be charged a $105 transfer fee.

4.02.03    Teams in Male Categories B, C, & D and Female Category B may draw hometown players and exception players from centers within a 120 km radius of the sponsoring center of the team regardless of provincial boundaries, in which case the combined population of all centers shall determine the category in which the team shall play.

4.02.04    A hometown player is a player who:

a)    Resides in the center which comprises the team.

b)    Resides in a rural area, shall be considered a resident of that center that is nearest to his/her home dwelling as measured by a straight line between the center and the closest point on the quarter section or acreage on which said dwelling is located.

c)    Has established physical residence in the center prior to September 1st and continues to reside in the center for the balance of the season.  A player who has established physical residence in the center prior to September 1st, and leaves the province to pursue a professional hockey career and subsequently returns to the province, may register as a hometown player and be eligible for provincial playoffs if they return by January 10th, and be eligible for league play only if they return by February 10th.

d)    Is a teacher under contract to the School Division in which the residence is located (including an intern on a legitimate assignment from January to April) and must reside in that center.

e)    Is legitimately transferred by his/her employer who carries on business in that center to which the employee is transferred.  A player, on a legitimate transfer, will be allowed to join a team in his/her new center provided he/she has been released prior to January 10th.  The player must establish and maintain physical residence in that center.

i)    A player properly registered with a team and who is legitimately transferred may continue to play for the team which he/she has been registered within the current season.

ii)    Proof of a legitimate transfer must be provided to the Hockey Saskatchewan General Manager at the time of registration.

4.02.05    An “exception” is defined as follows:

a)    Is an exception to the center/non–center claimed as his/her home center during his/her last year of minor hockey.

b)    Is an exception if the player has been registered on a team roster for three (3) consecutive years as a hometown player and continues to play for that center.

c)    A “U18 Exception” is a player whose parents resided in a City during their last year of minor hockey and was never registered on a U18 AAA Team or higher. A City is defined and listed in the most recent Municipal Directory of the Government of Saskatchewan. A Senior Team is allowed to register up to a maximum of three (3) U18 Exceptions and would not have to claim their Cities’ populations.


a)    IMPORT - An “import” is any player coming from outside the center or its area to join the team and who does not meet the requirements of 4.02.04 and 4.02.05.

b)    NON–IMPORT - A “non–import” is a player who had registered on a team’s league roster for the previous three (3) consecutive years as an import and continues to play in that center.

4.02.07    A Senior player may only be registered with one (1) Senior team at a time.