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Officiating Development Program


The Hockey Saskatchewan Officiating Development Program will conduct clinics on the basis of the Hockey Canada Officiating Program.  Officials who wish to register with the Division must complete the online payment, take part in the online learning (modules),  and attend a Hockey Saskatchewan sanctioned clinic during the current season.  All clinics are four hours in length.  The online payment and online modules instructions and links are found on the Hockey Saskatchewan website under “Officials”, the Officials Registration Tab.

Before attending a classroom clinic, all officials must complete the online payment & the online modules and bring proof of these (print out or picture on your phone) to the clinic.  If an official does not complete these prior to the clinic or does not bring proof to the clinic, he/she will be asked to attend a future clinic.  An official cannot attend a clinic until these have been completed.

Registration deadline is December 31st annually.

Only registered referees and linesmen will officiate in Provincial playoffs.

Clinics will be booked by the Officiating Development Program annually.  Communities which did not host a clinic in the current season and would like to request to host a clinic in the upcoming season must notify the Manager, Officiating by email of their desire to host a clinic no later than February 1st.  

The clinic schedule can be found on the Hockey Saskatchewan website under the “Officials” tab.

Clinic attendance fee is determined by the Officiating Development Program annually.  Supplies available at clinics include: Hockey Canada Casebooks, Hockey Canada crests, Hockey Saskatchewan crests and arm bands.